Thursday, November 13, 2014

My Favorite Apps: Where's My Water?

I know what you're thinking.  "Is she serious? This is a game."  Well, yes and no.  It is a game, but it requires kids to plan ahead, solve problems, and use critical thinking.  While this app does make kids think, I really use this as a "reward app."  I only have this app on my iPad.  When students have worked really hard towards a specific goal, they get to "play" on the iPad.  While they think they are playing, they are still working and learning.  Anytime I can get my kids to think and try to solve problems that are beyond their current level, I am thrilled.  Since this is a game, they are much more willing to try.  They don't even mind trying the same problem multiple times until they succeed.

 This app begins simple.  The object is to get enough water to the drain so the dragon, Swampy, can take a bath. You also need to fill up each duck with water.  Water flows down and uses the basic principals of physics.  If you create a curve, you can shoot the water in that direction.

This is the first level of the game.  As you can see, students would take their finger and "dig" a hole to allow the water to go down.  As students trace the path, the water begins to flow.

This is a much more advanced level.  Now we have purple goo.  (I have no idea what it is really called.)  The purple goo is bad.  If one drop gets into the drain, Swampy gets mad. There are also additional challenges.  You have to get water to it the containers which act as a switch causing the bridges to move.  Once water hits the red container, the red bridge will swing over and over the purple goo.  If the goo fills up and hits the blue container, than the blue bridge will open and allow all of the goo out which will go into the drain. 

As you can see, that even though this is a game, it requires the students to think and solve many kinds of problems.  You can find more information about the app {HERE} 


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