Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bloggy Friends

When I began my journey in the blogging world, I had no idea where it would lead.  It began as a way to learn how to become a better teacher and share some tips and strategies that worked for me.  Along the way, I met an amazing group of friends.  My husband likes to call them my "imaginary friends" because we have never met in "real life."  It's funny how you can grow to cherish a group of friends that you've never shared the same state or even country with.  My bloggy friends, as I call them, have a very special place in my heart.  They are a group of people I go to for advice, share my struggles and joys with, and celebrate all aspects of life with.  I was deeply saddened when I found out my sweet friend Teresa from 2nd Grade Pig Pen passed away yesterday.  I think the fact that it hit me so hard, shows just how special she is.  She never complained even when she wasn't feeling well.  She always had a kind word for all of us. She had a special dance for every occasion.  My favorite dance was her money dance, followed by her snow dance!  She truly was a very special lady.  You will be forever missed, Teresa.
2nd Grade Pig Pen

Technology has completely changed how we interact with the world.   I know I am not the only teacher who has bloggy friends who they haven't met in real life, but are very real friends.  Life is short.  We are not guaranteed the next breath, much less the next day. I challenge you to take a few seconds and let those who have touched your heart, both real and imaginary, know just how very special they are.  Spread some of Teresa's kindness by telling your friends you love them. 


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fashion and a Freebie

This is an unusual post for me.  I was contacted by Eshakti and asked if I wanted to try out one of their dresses.  After looking over their website, I said, "Yes!"  First, I couldn't believe the number of styles available.  It took me forever to decide which dress I wanted.  This is what I chose.

I absolutely love it!!  The color is fabulous!  It is bright but not over the top.  What I love most about the site is the ability to customize the dress for an extremely small fee.  Since I am a shorty, I was able to order the dress in a custom size.  This means you take all of your measurements and enter them into the site.  If you are not sure how to take a measurement, there is a picture to show you exactly what to do.  The dress arrived about 2 weeks after

ordering.  Besides the ability to customize the dress, I have 2 favorite features.  First, it has hidden pockets.  I don't know about you, but I am always taking things from kids and sticking them in my pockets while I am teaching.  It is very hard to find dresses with pockets.

The other feature I love are these little snaps in the shoulders.  With this, you don't have to worry about an straps slipping down.  I hate worrying about if my straps are showing in sleeveless dresses.

Head over and check out their dresses.  Right now, they are on sale.  Buy 2, get 1 FREE!

Now for the freebie!  

This is a simple snatch game that students can play in pairs to practice addition. You will need one copy of the Snatch game board, 2 dice, and 10 tokens per set of students. This is a perfect addition to your  math workstations.  You can download it by clicking on the picture, or you can click {here}
Happy Easter!!

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