Monday, December 4, 2017

How to thrive in December

December is stressful!  It's also stressful for our kids.  There are so many special things to do that we are often off schedule and we change up routines.  Kids are excited and can't wait until Christmas.  All of these things make kids and adults very crazy.  So, how do we survive?

We channel all of that stress, anxiety, and energy into something productive.  I teach my kids how to use these round looms to knit scarves.  Knitting is easy once the kids learn the process which is easier than you think.  It also requires concentration which helps the kids focus and reduces anxiety.  It also requires a lot of fine motor skills so it's easy to tie into IEP goals.

Each student has his own basket with a loom, yarn, and a hook.  When students finish work or when they need a minute to get themselves together, they grab their basket and get to work.

Here's what the scarf will look like when it's finished.  They turn out so nice that parents usually don't believe their kids made them!

How do you survive in December? I'm always looking for new ideas.

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