Monster Measurement Freebie

I just created a cute monster themed math workstation for students to practice measuring to the nearest inch, half-inch, and quarter inch.  Check it out!  I hope you can use it in your classroom.  It will be free for a limited time only.


Trash to Treasure Linky Party

Scipi at Go Figure! is hosting a Trash to Treasure linky party.  Head over to get some great ideas on how to reuse items around the house to make life easier in the classroom.  The idea I want to share is not my idea.  I found it on Pinterest.  (I am now hopelessly addicted!)  There are so many unique and wonderful ideas out there.  No Time for Flashcards has 2 awesome ideas in one.  Whenever you buy a hardback book, take the colorful book jacket that the kids can destroy in 2  minutes flat, and turn it into a puzzle.  She also gives the great tip of adding a magnetic sheet to the back so little ones can work the puzzle more easily.  The pieces will stick nicely to an old metal cookie sheet instead of sliding all over the place.  This is also good for students who have poor fine motor skills.  The students will love constructing a puzzle of their favorite books.  It gives you a basically free puzzle for your classroom out of something you would eventually throw away.  Check out No Time for Flashcards for all of the details and pictures of a puzzle she made.
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