Thursday, November 6, 2014

Favorite Apps: Zircuits

This is one of my favorite math apps because the kids think they are playing.  They have no idea that they are learning and working on their critical thinking skills.  I also like that when my kids get stuck on a puzzle, they will work with a partner to try to solve it.  This means they have to use their oral language skills to express themselves and their social skills.

This is the opening screen.  Students press the play button to get started.

Students are then take to this screen.  Students can see which levels they have completed so they can pick up where they left off.  This student has completed all of the levels in this section.

Here is the very first level.  The first few levels of the game walks you through the steps to teach you how to play. Students simply touch the 1 and then the 2 and the two numbers will switch places.

Here is the last level of the first section. As you can see, all of the symbols are red except for 1.  The > between the 2 and 0 is green because that sequence is correct.  As students switch the numbers while solving, the symbols will turn green as they are correct and red if they are incorrect.

 As you can see, this game requires the students to think and plan ahead.  The kids LOVE this app and call it a game.  I love it because it pushes my kids to think critically and solve problems.  If you want more info about this app, you can click {HERE}


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