Thursday, November 20, 2014

Favorite Apps: Plickers

So, you don't have a class set of iPads.  Not even 1?  What about an iPhone?  If you have at least 1 device/iPhone, this is the app for you.

This app only needs to be on the teacher's device.  This app allows you to take data on your students responses to multiple choice or true/false questions.  All you have to do is set up an account, which is free.  Then you add all of your students.  Each student is assigned a number.  Print out the black and white cards.  Each card is different and has a random shape.  This makes it impossible for students to copy answers or know what anyone else answers.  Make sure each student gets the correct number.

Now you are ready to use.  This app is perfect for formative assessment.  You can see which kids are ready to move on and who still needs additional practice.  Login to  Pull up the question set that you want to use.  Project the first question on the board.  Login to the app on your iPhone.  Read the question on the board and have students to hold up their card to she their response.  Use your iPone to scan around your room.  You will see each student's name and answer choice pop up on your phone as it registers their answer.  It will tell you who has/has not answered the question and the percentage of students who got the correct answer.  You can find out more about this app {HERE}


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  1. I love this app! I use it with my kiddos to check their understanding after we've gone over and practiced a concept.
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