Sunday, November 16, 2014

My Favorite Apps: 10 Junior

Do you spend FOREVER teaching kids all of the different ways to make 10?  I know you do and there are several kids who never really seem to get it.  Well, this is the app for you!  The entire app is about how to make 10!  

It starts out very simple.  It guides kids to match 1 and 9 to make 10.

The next few levels only have 2 numbers.  In this level, kids are matching 4 and 6 to make 10.

 Students are still only working with 2 numbers.

 After a few more levels, students begin working with more numbers, but it's still pretty basic.

Now, it's beginning to get a little challenging because students have to be careful not to block numbers into a corner.  Once students combine numbers to get to 10, it turns into a block and will not move.  Students have to work around the 10 blocks to continue combining numbers to get to 10.

Here's what it looks like when students have made some combinations of 10.

The best part, this app is FREE!  You can find more info {HERE}



  1. I'm loving all these app reviews. Just curious how you actually use iPads in your classroom? We recently got 3 iPads per class at our school, and I'm just figuring our ways to use them effectively. The app ideas are great, but what times do you use them? Are the kids supervised, or are they practicing skills while you work with other kids? It's a whole new type of teaching-and I'm only young!! Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the kind words! I completely understand Ness. I've been teaching for 16 years and this technology makes me feel like a first year teacher. I still have so much to learn. I am very lucky that I teach in a tech 1:1 school. That means each of my students have their own iPad. I do some group lessons on the iPad, but I also use the iPad to reinforce skills. When kids finish their work early, instead of sending them to get a work bucket or book, they often get the opportunity to choose an app. If it's math time, and they finish early, I will tell them to choose an app in their math folder. They love having some choice and I love that they are busy working hard and practicing those facts that are so hard for them. For some of my students, I do "lock" them into an app so they cannot do other things. We all have those kids who do their own thing as soon as we get busy helping other kids. I did a blog post about it. Just search at the top, "How to outsmart your kids" and it should pop up. Good luck!

  2. You are the app queen! This app will be PERFECT for one of my students. Thanks so much for sharing.


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