Sunday, May 8, 2016

Tower of Terror! Stem Challenge

Today's challenge:  Create the tallest, freestanding tower possible.

Supplies: 20 mini marshmallows
6 large marshmallows
unlimited toothpicks

Some students jumped right in and started creating a 4 sided structure.

Others focused on making the tower tall.  They later realized that it was also important to create a base.

Some had no idea what to do, so they began by randomly sticking marshmallows together.  Then they started looking around the room and borrowed a few ideas from their friends.

A four sided structure getting taller.

Another team working on their 4 sided structure.

Time's up!  Time to measure.

This team was unable to create a base for their tower.  If they had, they would have won the challenge.

Random marshmallow/toothpick structure took shape and became this tower.

This was most definitely the strongest tower.  We left all of the towers over night and this was the only tower still standing the following day.

This team struggled with the challenged.  They continued sticking marshmallows randomly with toothpicks.  But, they did not give up.

This team finally figured out how to connect the rows together, but they ran out of time.

This was another strong tower.  One team member was really focused on making the tower tall, but the other member was focused on sticking as many toothpicks as possible into the marshmallows.  He was finally able to convince his partner to listen and they were able to build a fairly tall tower.


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