Sunday, May 1, 2016

Marbled Masterpieces for Mother's Day

Do you want a super cool idea for Mother's Day?  We made marbled paper last week and it turned out so beautiful, that we are going to turn them into Mother's Day cards. 

Materials: shaving cream (4-5 cans to be safe)
construction paper
food coloring
trays (best if they are disposable)
plastic ruler or squeegee tool

 Step 1:  Spread shaving cream on the tray in a thin layer.  Add several drops of food coloring.  (This is about half of the food coloring the student used.)

Step 2:  Use the end of the paintbrush (not the brush) to drag the colors through the shaving cream creating swirls.

Step 3:  Place paper on top of the shaving cream.  Lightly pat the paper so the color will adhere to the paper.  Don't let the paper soak into the shaving cream.

Step 4:  Peel off the paper carefully.  (It will look like a giant mess.)  Use the ruler to scrape off all of the shaving cream.

Step 5:  Allow paper to completely dry and enjoy your masterpiece.

Here are some actually examples my students created.


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