Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hoop Glider

Today's challenge:  Create a hoop glider that will fly the greatest distance.

Materials: 1 index card cut into 3 equal parts
1 straw

Students were given the following directions:
1.  Take one strip from the index card and create a circle and tape it.
2.  Using the other 2 strips, tape them together to create a larger circle.  (I made these two circles so my kids knew what they should look like.)
3.  Tape the circles to the straw to create a glider.  (I did not give any visuals or hints here.)
4.  Test your glider.
5. Make modifications and test again!

Here's what most of the kids end up making.  This model will fly across the room.  They were super impressed that it actually flew and it flew so far.

After a few attempts, some of my kids started getting creative.  Here's one modification:

 Here's another modification.  The student quickly realized that this model would not fly.  3 hoops were just too much for the glider.

We tested all gliders to see which glider would fly the greatest distance.  Then, we had some time for target practice.

The kids had a great time!


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