Monday, October 26, 2015

SPED Tricks and Treats

Some of my favorite special ed bloggers have teamed up to share some amazing TRICKS and TREATS with you.  

I have a math trick to share.  My kids have a terrible learning how and why we borrow with zeros in subtraction.  Look at the problem below.  My students do not understand that you borrow from the 3, the 0 becomes a 10, and then a 9 because you give ten to the ones place.  Rather than try to teach my students all of those steps, I tell my students that 30 in the problem is the same as 30 tens.  I can borrow 1 ten from 30 tens.  That leaves 29 tens and the ones place becomes 12.  It's so much easier for my kids to understand borrow in this manner.

 I created an entire year's worth of writing lessons.  As a special treat, I am sharing the first 2 weeks with all of you!  I have included teacher plans, anchor chart ideas, and 2 pages of student work for each lesson.  Check it out!  It will make your writing lesson plans super easy!  (Download the preview.)

Hop over to Teach. Love, Autism for more great tricks and treats.



  1. How do I access the freebie? Both buttons above link to the full product. Thanks!

  2. There's another super neat math trick floating around FB right now. Have you seen it?

    Thanks so much for joining the hop. :)

  3. Check this one out I just discovered last week. It's the weirdest thing. In fact, a picture is posted on my FB page if you want to check it out! You just subtract one from each number. So your problem above would become 301 - 168 and you come out with the same answer and no borrowing. I've tried it with several problems and it works everytime. Just hey maybe your students won't have to struggle with borrowing any longer. :)

  4. That's such a great tip! Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. It sounds so easy when you do it that way. Thanks for sharing.

    A Special Kind of Class

  6. It's so simple when you think about it, but that makes so much more sense to borrow that way!! Thanks for sharing
    Breezy Special Ed

  7. Amazing post dear! You have a wonderful blog:)
    What about following each other on Instagram, bloglovin, Twitter?.. :)


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