Thursday, October 1, 2015

Math Hacks: Multiplication

Do your kids struggle with multiplying large numbers?  I love this method for helping them remember the 6-9 facts.

So, once we get the facts down, my kids usually have a hard time remembering all of the steps and keeping all of their numbers lined up.  After trying many different "tricks"  I finally found the lattice method.  It's very easy for my kiddos because they only have to know their basic facts, and it's easy to keep everything lined up.

Here's a typical problem:

Write the problem like this in a grid.

Multiply 3x4 and write 12 in the first box.  3x6=18 in the next box on the top row.
Move to the bottom row.  9x4=36  9x6=54
 After the grid is filled in, students add on the diagonal.  Start on the bottom left corner.  Move the 4 down to the one's place.  Next, add 6+5+8=19.  Write the 9 in the tens place and carry the one to the next diagonal row.  Add 3+2+1+1=7.  Then bring the 1 from the top corner down to the thousands place.

Much easier for kids to remember.  My kids can multiply grade level problems using this method.

You can find my smart board file {HERE}


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