Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Living Autism Day by Day

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's guest post from Pamela Bryson-Weaver.  She is a mother of 3 children, one of which has autism.  

A few weeks ago, Pamela, offered to send me her book. Anytime a parent of a child with special needs writes a book, I want to read it because they have a whole different perspective than I do as a teacher.  I learn so much from reading books written by parents/families of people with disabilities.  I especially liked the way Pamela wrote the book in a diary like manner because like most parents, I don't have time to sit and read for hours like I used to.  Pamela's book was very easy to read, did not require much time, and was very uplifting.  If you are a parent or caretaker of a child with special needs, I highly recommend her book.  
Each day of the year, has a short 1 page story or note.  The book is filled with:

  • daily reflections and strategies
  • autism awareness & practical advice
  • humor, anecdotes, paradoxes
  • tips, references, and resources
  • self-awareness, managing emotions
  • space for your notes
  • inspiring quotes,
If you want to know more about the book or order your own copy, you can find it {HERE}


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  1. Thank you! I was a wonderful post and got read Pamela's new article about the aged debate on autism and vaccine. It was a good read: http://livingautismnow.com/vaccine-caused-my-sons-autism-but-thats-just-me


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