Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tattle Tongue

Have you ever heard of Tattle Tongue?  I absolutely love this book.  It has helped my kids year after year learn what is important to let their teacher know and what they need to let go.  This is a story of a young boy who reports everything he sees and drives everyone around him crazy.  No one wants to play with him or sit with him.  The Tattle Prince comes to visit him while he is sleeping and teaches him the difference between tattling and informing an adult of something important. The Tattle Prince has 4 rules:
1.  Be a Danger Ranger- It's not tattling if someone could get hurt.
2.  Be a Problem Solver- solve your own problems.
3.  Now or Later?  Some problems can be solved later, some must be solved now.
My favorite rule
4. MYOB- Mind Your Own Business

Here's the chart we made to help us remember the tattle rules so we don't come down with tattle tongue.  It has helped my students out tremendously.  We often refer to our chart, and it really helps to reduce the tattles.  How do you prevent tattling?



  1. I started using this book this year and it is really helping. When they come to me to tattle we go over the four rules and as they answer yes or no to my questions (which are the rules in question form) they realize that they were getting ready to tattle and stop.

  2. Thank you! If this ever becomes a problem in my classroom, I will be using this!


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