Saturday, February 9, 2013

Anchor Charts

Do you use anchor charts in your classroom.  I hate to admit that I just recently started using them and wished I had known the benefits of anchor charts years ago.  Here's some of the charts that we are currently using.

We actually made this chart long before Christmas, but my kids are continually referring to it so I decided to make these charts a permanent part of the classroom.

These are are charts from geometry.

Counting money.  (Do you use touch points?  Makes counting money so easy!)

We are starting a unit on fractions.  This is the first chart we've made.  There will be several more coming.  Fractions are so hard for my kiddos.  We are in the process of making an equivalent fraction chart and a benchmark fraction chart.  

I've started making them for all subject areas.  In social studies, we are studying the Revolutionary War.  The kids wanted an anchor chart to help keep each side straight.  The only problem we have with anchor charts is space.  I run out of room, but I have a really hard time throwing the charts away.  I have very little storage space.  I would love some suggestions on how you all keep your charts handy for kids to refer to and still have room to add new charts with each new unit.



  1. I take a picture of each chart we make then I add it to our achor chart binder. I enlarge the photo in Word and then print them out to add to the sections(by subject) of the notebook. That way the students can refer to the achor chart notebook any time. Then, sadly, I recycle the achor charts. I'm with you, I don't have enough space to display/store them.

  2. I need to get into the habit of taking pictures of my anchor charts -- even if it is so I remember.


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