Monday, February 27, 2012

Dr. Seuss Dress Up?

Are you having a dress up day on Friday?  Our school is dressing up as your favorite storybook character.  Last year I dressed up as The Cat in the Hat.  I had a momentary memory loss about a student's fear of costumes.  When she walked into my classroom, she dropped everything she was carrying and tried to run out of the room.  I immediately began taking the costume off to help her calm down.  (Yes, I was wearing jeans and a tee underneath!)  She finally calmed down after I was in my regular clothes.  Since I have my students until they move to the middle school or "graduate" to resource, I have the same students for several years.  I decided that I didn't want to terrify her again, so I made Dr. Seuss tees for both of my daughters and myself.  We will be wearing these on dress-up day instead of costumes.



  1. Oh my! I can just see the chaos that caused! It reminds me of the time I opened my back door to dismiss at the end of the day and a stray dog was outside. One of my kinders FREAKED out while the others all tried to surge forward to pet it! At least it was the end of the day though and she could go home! I am wearing a thing 1 shirt and blue wig on Wednesday, as far as I know it won't upset anyone, but I'll mention this to our new special ed teacher who is also participating so she can make sure of her class! I love your alternative, are they iron ons?

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  2. Kind of. You need to find a pattern/coloring sheet that you can use. Draw each individual piece onto the paper side of Heat-n-Bond Lite. Cut out each piece, but leave 1/4 inch border around it. You will iron each piece onto the backside of the color of fabric that you want it to be. After it has cooled, cut it out on the line. Peel off the paper backing and place it on your shirt. Zig-zag stitch around it. (If you don't sew, you can do the same process, but use heavier heat-n-bond and seal the edges with fabric paint.


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