Saturday, February 18, 2012

Flower Parts Collage

We started a new unit on plants in science this week.  We began by learning the different parts of a flower. We created ripped paper collages of flowers and labeled the parts.  The kids enjoyed it and it was a great fine motor activity as well!

This is only 1 of the activities in my newest unit.   It contains:
5 mini books
graphic organizers
4 science experiments with journal pages for each
1 poetry lesson
2 workstation activities
2 art lessons

Here's the Table of Contents:
pg. 4-8  Plants mini book
pg. 9-12 Parts of a Flower
pg. 13-14 Graphic organizers
pg. 15-18 Trees mini book
pg. 19-20 Graphic Organizers
pg. 21-24 Plants We Eat mini book
pg. 25 Graphic Organizer
pg. 26-29 Fruits and Vegetables mini book
pg. 30-32 Graphic Organizers
pg. 33-34 Cinquain Poetry Mini lesson
pg. 35-37 Fruit and Vegetable Sort
pg. 38-39 Experiment 1
pg. 40-43 Experiment 2
pg. 44-45 Experiment 3
pg. 46-48 Experiment 4
pg. 49-53 Art activity
pg. 54-57 What's the Buzz Syllable Sort Workstation

Hop over to TpT if you are interested!  It will be free until Sunday afternoon so download quickly!  I would appreciate any feedback on the unit!


  1. I really like the torn paper parts of a plant craft. Nothing better than that "hands on."

    Little Minds at Work

  2. Hi Karla,
    I love torn paper art, it's cute and fun for the kids! I just found you and would love for you to pop on over to my blog since I'm a newbie. :o) Cute Dr.Seuss blog design.
    Traditions Laughter and Happily Ever After

  3. I LOVE torn paper crafts!! I am also starting plants next week. I am so taking this idea!! Thanks for sharing.


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