Sensory Path

I have seen so many amazing sensory paths in schools and have wanted to make one ever since.  This summer I cut out some basic arrows using my Silhouette. I bought several different wall/floor stickers from The stickers I ordered ended up being smaller than I expected, but it made it easy to make the path inside of my classroom. I have a small class and was able to make the path around my small group tables and along the walls. My kids love it!

Students begin by jumping on the arrows with their toes pointing in the same direction as the arrows.

When they get to the paw prints, they push against the lockers as hard and as silently as possible.

Next, they work on balance by following the train tracks.

The next part is the 'Fly Zone.' Students fly until they reach the green arrow.

At the green arrow they turn and follow the underwater path. Students squat/crawl/crab walk following the arrows to the submarines.

Finally, students come to the alphabet. F0r my older students, they jump from A-Z. Other students jump to spell their names. When our preschool friends use it, they just bunny hop on all of the letters. There is a red stop sign at the end of the alphabet that students hop on to show they are finished.

Our sensory path is very simple and plain compared to many that I have seen, but it works just the same. I would love to see pictures of sensory paths that you have in your classroom/school.

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