Saturday, February 20, 2016

Why be normal?

I'm sure if you are on Facebook you've seen the pictures floating around about people NOT being weird.  It drives me crazy!!  Why?  People ARE weird.  Everyone gets all offended for being different.  We need to embrace what makes us unique and special.  If unique and special equal weird, then embrace it.  We are all weird because there is no one else on this planet exactly like us and that's what makes this word so amazing.  God created each and everyone of us to be unique with our own set of gifts.  Many times the things that make people weird are what enables them to change the world.

What do Einstein, Mozart, Newton, Darwin, Jefferson, Michelangelo have in common?  It is believed they all had autism.

Did you know that Einstein was considered of low intelligence as a child and had a tutor?  He failed his college exams.

What about Mozart?  Did you know that he was unable to carry on a conversation with others?  He was described as being very active and made repetitive movements.  Loud sounds also made him physically sick.

Newton was described as quiet and didn't enjoy talking with others. He didn't have friends.  He would get so involved in his work, that he would forget to eat.  He was also very routine focused.

Thomas Eddison was considered a difficult child and kicked out of school.  He was full of energy and was unable to focus in school (ADHD?).  He was homeschooled where he was in charge of his education.  He loved to read and would devour book after book.  By the time he was a teenager, he was already inventing.  He worked for 30 months straight on the light bulb.

Many famous people suffer from mood disorders such as bipolar or depression.  Did you know that Jim Carrey, Drew Carey, Abraham Lincoln, Harrison Ford, John Denver, Beethoven, Mike Wallace, and many others suffered from a mood disorder.  They used their experiences to bring joy to others, teach others, and generally make this world better for others.

The point is this:  ALL of these people were considered weird.   Many were thought of as disabled.  This weirdness is what made each of these people talented in their individual field.  They had someone cheering for them and teaching them to harness their weirdness.  Be that person for the weird students in your classroom.  You may just help the next Einstein,  Mozart, or Lincoln reach their full potential.

Be weird.  Change the world!


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