Friday, February 6, 2015

MobyMax Tablet

Have you tried the MobyMax tablet?  It's pretty amazing, especially since you can get one for $69!!  Not only does it come preloaded with the MobyMax curriculum, but it is also a fully functioning tablet.  It is an Android device.  You can access the internet and download apps.

Here it is next to an iPad mini.  Its a bit smaller, but the screen is large enough to easily see and operate.

You don't need a device for each child.  You set up individual accounts for each student online.  Students use their login information to access their account.  Several students can share a device.  It would be perfect for centers or small group intervention.  Students can also access their accounts online without the MobyMax device.

Did you know that MobyMax give away a device everyday?  You can head over here for more information and to enter to win your own MobyMax device.


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