Wednesday, February 11, 2015

MobyMax Tablet Giveaway

Who wants a free tablet?  Of course you do!  MobyMax contacted me and asked if I wanted to try a MobyMax tablet since I've been using the web version so of course I said yes.  I was so excited to try it.   MobyMax has a complete k-8 curriculum in ELA and math.  MobyMax looks exactly the same on the tablet as it does on the web so there is no confusion for the kids.  They are able to easily login on the tablet or the computer. 

This is the MobyMax tablet.  As you can see from all of the fingerprints, my kids love playing with it.

Here it is next to an iPad mini.  Its a bit smaller, but the screen is large enough to easily see and operate.

 The MobyMax tablet is an Android device so you can also add all of your favorite apps for the kids to use.  They can also access the internet and anything else a typical tablet can do.

Here's a screenshot of the different parts of the MobyMax curriculum.

My favorite part of MobyMax is there is a section you can assign particular standards to each student that reflect their IEP goals/objectives.  This program will take the data for you for your goals/objectives!!  If you're like me, taking official data is the most burdensome part of the job.  Don't get me wrong, I take data all day long.  I can tell you where each of my students are working, but I hate the official data collection.  Anyway, this program will do it for you!  Also, the program is super fun so the kids LOVE using the program.  Each subject begins with a placement test and automatically assigns lessons to the kids based on their placement test.  EVERYTHING can be read aloud to your kiddos!  EVERYTHING!!  That thrills me.  This program is very easy for our special friends to use and they learn from it.  Also, when the kids are working and on task, they are earning time to play in the game room.  They earn 1 minute of play time for every 5 minutes they are on task.  If the students are "on task" and clicking lots of buttons (wrong answers) they do not earn game time for that.  When my students realized that, I had several mad kiddos.  I explained to them, they had to have at least 80% correct to earn game time and then I showed them the percentage they were at and they understood that hard work = game time.  That put a stop to random clicking right away.  Here's the exciting part, MobyMax is offering a tablet for one of my readers!!  Use the Rafflecopter to sign up for a chance to win. You will not be disappointed!!

You can also find more info on the MobyMax Tablet {HERE}

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  1. Wow!!! Love the easy entry! Hope I win! I use mobymax in my classroom now and was lucky enough to give away a year subscription from them a few months ago. Would love to try the tablet!


  2. I love Moby Max ... the data is great for IEP assessments and reteaching! It is also easy to find, follow and understand!


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