Thursday, July 21, 2011

I will Survive! Linky Party

With the new year approaching so quickly, I started thinking about all of the crazy things that have happened since I've been teaching.  They weren't funny at the time, but they sure make me laugh when I look back on them now.  I thought it would be fun to share some of the crazy things that happen to teachers while offering advice to new teachers. Since I teach special education, I have had some interesting things happen over the years! If nothing else, it may offer everyone a good laugh.  So link up and share your best, or worst story every!

During my student teaching experience, I was working at a Title I school with about 1000 kids in it.  It was my second or third week at this placement in a special education pull-out program when my mentor teacher called in sick.  Instead of hiring a sub, I got to take over for the day.  The day went from bad to worse after I realized there weren't any sub plans for me to use.  I was taking my first group back to their homerooms, when one of my students ran down the hall and pulled the fire alarm.  We had to evacuate the entire building and wait over half an hour while the entire school was searched to make sure everything was ok.  I was so horrified that I spent the next half hour crying in the bathroom.  When I finally got myself together, I continued on with the schedule.  It seemed like every group I had that day, someone was crying.  It was the longest day ever.  I survived it and it's never happened since!

A few years ago, I had a little girl in my class who had an accident on herself.  I sent her to the bathroom with a handful of baby wipes and told her to clean herself.  I went back to class since she was independent in the bathroom.  A few minutes later, the little girl came back to class and tried to hand me her used wipes!  Thankfully, I didn't automatically take what she was handing me and sent her back to the bathroom to wash again!

Teaching special ed is a challenge, but I absolutely love the kids in my class.  They teach me to look at the world in a different way and to appreciate all that I have been blessed with.

Link up and share your stories!

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  1. LOL! this was great. thanks for posting and having others link up!

    Miss Kindergarten

  2. I love your stories! I don't have a teaching blog but had to tell you this one. I teach 4th and 5th grade resource kids...LD kids mostly. I love them so much. One day this year a student asked me, "Mrs. K. why isn't it ok to say dick?" Of course, he said it out loud in front of a group. After I collected my wits I told him honestly that it is a slang term for boys private parts. He said, "Oh OK." :)

  3. I am always amazed at the "holes" of info the students are missing. At least it was a genuine question and not an attempt to get the class off track!


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