Sunday, July 10, 2011

Grrrr,,,Computer is down!

I'm on the downhill slide of summer vacation and working on several projects trying to get ready for school when my computer refuses to turn back on.  The light behind the keyboard lights up , but that's all I get.  Now, I'm praying it can be fixed (cheap!) and I haven't lost all of my hard work.  Of course I have a flashdrive, but I didn't save all of my summer projects on it since they weren't finished yet.  The joys of technology!  I've only been without my computer for about 3 days, but it feels like months!  We get so addicted to technology!  I've got a busy week with Bible School and wouldn't have time to work this week.  Hopefully, it will be fixed by the next week so I can make up for lost time!

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  1. Having a computer crash is a huge fear of mine. I'm thinking about buying a backup hard drive.


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