Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Smartboard Linky Party

Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher is hosting a smartboard linky party.  I love my smartboard and use it everyday.  My projector broke at the end of the school year and I thought I was going to lose my mind!  I am praying that it will be fixed before school starts in August.  If it isn't, I don't know what I will do.  I use it from for everything!  From taking attendance to calendar to randomly selecting students for jobs. My students and I love  the smartboard.  It is an excellent tool to keep students motivated and maintain attention during lessons.  They will do almost anything to touch the board.  They never seem to get tired of it either! I will show some of my favorite smartboard lessons.
 I posted my Main Idea with Norman Rockwell lesson below.  Scroll down to check it out.  It is a FREE lesson that you can download and use in your classroom
Electronic Pocket Chart is just what it sounds like.  It is an electronic version of your traditional pocket chart.  Page 1 is all 26 letters of the alphabet with vowels in red and consonants in black. Page 2 is the alphabet plus vowel pairs such as ai and r controlled vowels. Page 3 is the alphabet plus consonant digraphs. Page 4 is alphabet, vowel pairs, r controlled vowels, and the consonant digraphs. It is also free so download away!

Action Verbs with Keith Haring is one of my favorite lessons.  It is an arts integrated lesson. Students will learn about verbs and Keith Haring's art. There are several interactive pages for the class to complete. The lesson concludes with the students using a paper man with brads in the joints to enable it to move to create their own art in the style of Keith Haring with a verb as a title. I have also included a template to make the paper guy for the art project.

Daily Essential Vocabulary This is an interactive file to help students master vocabulary words. The file is set up so that students are given a new vocabulary word each day with the part of speech, definition, and sentence. There is a question with multiple correct answers for the students to select. The correct answer will have some type of movement such as spinning. Then the students will sort 4 words as synonyms or antonyms of the vocabulary word. There is also a writing prompt for each word. This can be used as an extensive writing exercise or a quick sentence using the word in context. On Friday, there are 3 different review exercises to help students master the words. After the first week, previous words are included in the review. This set has a total of 48 words plus review to last 12 full weeks of teaching.  I also have a sample version that contains the first 2 weeks worth of words and practice.

Compare and ContrastUsing Georgia O'Keefe and Henri Rousseau This is an arts integrated lesson that teaches the concepts compare and contrast. It begins with basic objects and moves the students to use higher order thinking to compare and contrast both the lives and then the art work of Rousseau and O'Keeffe. This lesson also teaches students to use a venn diagram to organize their information. Everything you nee to teach this lesson is included. There is also a step by step lesson plan on the last page of the file. (All background knowledge of the artists are included in the file.)

Dr.Seuss Attendance  This is a smartboard attendance file for 9 months. Each month is has a different Dr. Seuss theme. For a limited time, I am offering it for free so download it quickly.

Long Division for Kids who Can't Multiply  This is a smartboard lesson that teaches both the teacher and students how to complete long division problems with and without remainders. It is a step by step lesson that teaches how to divide even if the kids don't have their facts memorized. I use this method in my special education class and have taught my 5th graders how to complete long division problems without a calculator.

Teaching Quotes Using Dr. Seuss  This is a smartboard arts integrated lesson. Students learn how to identify the words being said before moving on to adding correct punctuation to sentences and finally creating their own sentences using correct punctuation for quotes. Student also learn about the artwork of Dr. Seuss and a few tips on how to become a cartoonist. The lesson ends with students creating their own cartoon character (step by step instructions-fool proof) and writing a quote using correct punctuation.

Earth Art:Earth's Natural Resources This is an arts integrated smartboard lesson. Students will learn about the Earth's natural rresources and about the art of Andy Goldsworthy. There are several interactive pages for the class to complete. The lesson concludes with the students going on a nature walk around the school to collect materials to create their own Earth art. This is a great lesson for Earth Day.

I hope you find a lesson that you like!  I have other smartboard lessons at Teachers Pay Teachers so check them out too!

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