Sunday, March 4, 2018

Fraction Anchor Charts

multiple ways to represent a fraction.
Example of Fraction Anchor Chart

Do you use anchor charts?  I love them!  They are a great reference for students during independent work.  Here are a few of the anchor charts we made during class over the last few weeks.

multiple ways to represent the number 1
Ways to Represent 1

 This has been a great reminder for my kids on fractions that equal 1.

visual way to represent fractions that are less than and greater than one.
Quickly compare any fraction to 1

My kids really struggle with looking at a fraction and being able to determine immediately if it is less than or greater than one.  This anchor chart has allowed me to quickly review this concept with the kids and it's a great reference for them during independent work.

Multiple ways to represent a fraction.
Represent the same fraction in more than one way.

Students often forget the different ways to represent a fraction especially when they are trying to solve word problems.  This chart helps them decide the best way to organize the information in the word problem to make it easier to solve.



  1. Great tool! I'm a dad to 2 awesome boys with autism and our oldest is in high school and mainstreamed with a full time aide. Fractions have always been tough for him and he's such a visual learner that these would help him tremendously.

  2. Hey,
    Great Blog.
    You have a shared a great and easiest way to explain the students about fractions. Your blogs had really helped our teachers to explain math to the students that need special attention.
    Looking forward to reading more such blogs.


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