Monday, January 15, 2018

When do you give up?

Teaching is hard.  There are many things that make teaching hard but the hardest part is working with children who are broken and strong willed and try your patience in almost every situation.  You know, the child that argues, refuses to follow any rules, leaves class when he wants, sleeps, refuses to complete work, picks on other students, interrupts your teaching, yells out/cusses, is physically aggressive, and the list keeps going.  There are lots of reasons teachers don't want "that" kid in their room.  They require an insane amount of energy on the best days.  So, how long do you try?  When do you call it quits?  When do you decide the child is beyond hope and unable to change?  When do you stop trying?

The moment you give up on a child, he has nothing left.  More often than not, we are the child's last hope, their last advocate.  If you give up and stop trying, the child will fulfill the negative messages they have heard their entire lives.

So, when do you give up on a child? The answer for each of us may be different.  My answer is NEVER. I guess that's why God gave me an extra dose of stubborn when he made me.  He knew I would need it daily to get through life.

I know teaching is tough, but you are tougher.  Hang in there, my friend.  You are making a difference!   #NeverGiveUp

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  1. Thanks! I have a few like that in my room. I never want to give up on them... but I do get frustrated that I spend the majority of the day dealing with behaviors while the other kids are missing out on their learning because of it! Frustratingly, it is usually these kids that capture my hearts the most, though.


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