Saturday, April 2, 2016

Autism Awareness Blog Hop 2016

How many people do you know with autism?  I bet you know someone. If you're a teacher, I bet you have at least one student in your class with autism.  Autism is a spectrum disorder which means that while people with autism may share some characteristics, it can affect each person in different manners.

Many people with autism see the world in a very black and white manner.  They often have trouble with social situations especially when it comes to reading body language, understanding tone, and identifying/understanding figurative language.  Many people with autism find unstructured situations difficult.  Many people with autism thrive on routine because the unknown makes them very anxious and causes them stress.  As a teacher, we can use something as simple as a visual schedule to help provide the structure that many of our students need.  By posting a visual schedule and discussing any changes in the schedule before they occur, we can alleviate stress for our students with autism or for our students who thrive on routines.

You can grab my visual schedule for free.

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