Friday, October 24, 2014

Social Thinking

Do your kids love superhero?  Mine do!  They love this new social skills program that I've found.   The kids get to work with the superhero Superflex.  Superflex saves Social Town from the team of Unthinkables.  Super flex teaches the kids different strategies they can use to defeat the Unthinkables.

The first book teaches kids how to outsmart Rock Brain.  They learn what to do when their brains get stuck on activities or topics they want to do.

Several of my students have a difficult time knowing the difference between a big problem and a small problem.  The Superflex curriculum has the answer.  We are now using this book where my kids are learning about Glassman.  Glassman makes you have a HUGE reaction to a small problem.  My students are learning different strategies they can try immediately to defeat this villain.  

To help my kids get motivated to learn and practice their skills, we turned our closet into Social Town.  We have Superflex flying down to rescue the citizens.  Since we are talking about Rock Brain and Glassman, we added them to our town.  All of the kids also have their own superhero mask they get to wear during our lessons.  Social Skills is now the highlight of our day.

You can find out more about these resources by clicking here.



  1. I was informed of this program about 5 years ago-it's transforming!

  2. This sounds like a wonderful program. I find social skills to be an area that needs focus for both special and general education students within my district. I am excited to learn more about this program and see if it is a good match for some classrooms within my building.


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