Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lucky Leprechaun Snatch Game (Freebie)

This year has been crazy busy!  This is a quick post to share a game my kids LOVE to play.

 It's super simple.  This is a partner game.  Each student needs 7-9 tokens.  (They both need the same amount, but a different color than their partner.) Each set of partners will need 2 dice and 1 game board.  Students take turns rolling the dice.  Student 1 rolls both dice and adds (or multiplies) the numbers.  Student 1 takes a token and covers that number on the game board.  Student 2 rolls the dice, adds the numbers, and covers the space.  If Student 1 has already covered the space with 1 token, Student 2 can "snatch" the spot by removing Student 1's token and covering the space with his own token.  If a student rolls a number that he already has his token on, he can "lock" it by placing a second token on the space.  Now this space cannot be snatched by the opponent.  You can get this game {here}


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