Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bio Bubble

I found the most amazing animal home.  Have you ever heard of a Bio Bubble?  I hadn't, but sure am glad that I found it.  My girls are crazy excited about this thing.  My favorite feature is that it can be used for either fish or land animals.  It comes with a pump and everything that you need for either home.  It is also easy to make the cage larger if you have pet birds. There are several accessories that you can add to the cage to make it fit your animal's needs.

My girls decided that I needed a couple of hamsters for my classroom.  They are super excited to get to pet sit this summer.  After running to the pet store and getting food, bedding, and hamsters, we ran home to put it all together.  We were able to get this amazing animal habitat because of Educents.  Educents is like Groupons for teachers/parents.

The Bio Bubble makes carbon fresh pads to help eliminate odors.  The pads are good for several weeks without have to change them.  Lay them in the bottom of the cage and place the bedding on top.

After we added the bedding, we put a little home for them to hide in.  We added the Bungalow Deck to make it a two-story home.  The girls loved "making the home fancy."  They added a wheel, food bowl, and water bottle.  They decided the hamsters needed a hiding place on the second story and added a toilet paper tube.  We added the Cageriser.

Here's a little pic of our new friends thinking about leaving their cozy box.  They really liked this box and finally needed a little help to visit their new home.

Once they were out of their box, they seemed to love their new home.  Who wouldn't love living in a castle?!

Here's my little animal lover holding Layla!  I couldn't get her to stop kissing her!

Layla loves her hamster wheel!  The girls loved watching her run.

After much debate, I took the Cageriser out.  Since we bought baby dwarf hamsters, I was really afraid that they would be able to squeeze through the holes in the wire.  The holes are only about a half inch wide, but Luke and Layla are very tiny.  

In the end, we took off the cage riser.  This is the finished home that we ended up with.   I hope Luke and Layla are happy!

In a nutshell:
1.  The Bio Bubble is completely customizable.  You can use the same home for birds/land animals, fish/aquatic animals, or a terrarium.
2.  You can add pieces (solid or wire) to make the home larger.
3.  It comes apart easily, but it is strongly built.
4.  It is a round home, so pet watching is easy!

I know you want one!  You can get it here for a really good price.  It is on sale now!  Click the picture below to go straight to the deal!  Happy shopping!


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