Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Web Site Linky Party

With so much technology available, we are crazy not to use it.  I've been looking for great sites that I can use on my classroom.  I thought it would be great to share with everyone and we would all benefit.  Let's make a list of some of our favorite sites that we use in our classroom.  Link up and add your sites.  We will all walk away with a few new sites that we didn't know about.

My favorite sites:
1.  Scholastic  has several language games for pk-1 and struggling students.
2.  Earobics  is great for phonological awareness and pre reading skills.
3.  Starfall is great for beginning readers.
4.  Kidzpage is a great place for games.  Students don't know that they are learning.  There are games for memory, puzzles, brain games, and others.
5.  Read Write Think is a great site for both the students and teachers.  There are games, but there are tons of interactives that you can use for your smartboard/active board.  There are tons of lesson ideas and materials for you to download.  If you haven't been to this site, you really need to check it out!
6.  Fun 4 the Brain has a ton of math games and they are broken down by add/sub/mult/division.
7.  Super Why another reading game.
8.  Toy Theater has several thinking games.
9.  Discovery Education This is a great resource for teachers.  There are short videos on every topic available along with printables, writing prompts, and others.  A must see!
10.  Teachers Pay Teachers This is a wonderful resource for teachers.  There are thousands of free lessons/materials/products available for immediate download.  There are also thousands of materials available to purchase.



  1. This is a great idea! I love Free Rice. Since I teach in a 1:1 school, this is a simple activity my students can do if they have any free time. The repetition of words and increasing difficulty really does help with their vocabulary acquisition. We entered the classroom challenges last year & some of my students made the top 100 in the world! It was amazing. They can also select math, geography, Spanish, art, and more. AND the best part? They are helping to feed the hungry. It does make them feel good to know they can do something to help others.

  2. Thanks for sharing Tracee! I've never heard of this site before. I will check it out!

  3. Thanks for the great list of resources and for thinking of linking up to important in our proffesion.
    I really love this website...especially great in special ed as most of their flaschards have connecting pictures already. It certainly is a great website for teachers.

  4. Karla - My special ed kids (I team-teach two spec. ed English classes with our high school spec. ed aides) LOVE Free Rice. It really has improved their vocabulary. I even let them do the math & geography categories, too. It is wonderful for those days when we finish just a bit early & they need something to do the last 5-10 minutes. Make it a competition and they will perform! My class of 6 special ed. freshmen beat all my other classes (which all have 20+ students each) last year with the most grains of rice donated. I bought them pizza at the end of the year & they were in heaven. They asked if they could do it again this year! :)


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