Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Class is on Fire!

On Friday, my class reached it's goal of 1,000 AR points!  The kids were so excited!  Several of them were dancing around the room!  They have read/listened to over 2200 books this school year!  Are they through reading?  Not even close!  There are 2 students who are really close to meeting their individual goal of earning either their hat or the big AR field trip, so my leaders have decided to help these 2 students meet their goals.  I LOVE what AR has taught my kids this year.  No, they are not reading on grade level, but they have all made progress.  (Some have made a year's worth of progress this year!)  They have learned teamwork, how to work with someone to achieve a goal, and the satisfaction of hard work!  Most importantly, they have begun to see themselves as they see their peers.  For the first time since I've been teaching, I don't hear as many "I can't".  Instead, I hear, "I'll try" or "Will someone help me?"  They have learned that they are important and they can learn.  They have learned a more valuable lesson than I ever thought they would have learned.  Hard work pays off.  If you want to achieve a goal, good friends will stick by your side to help and encourage you along the way!

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