Monday, March 28, 2011

Success Stories

I have finally got my class reading!  We have the Accelerate Reader program at our school.  Students read books and take a test on the computer to earn points.  The harder the book, the more points it is worth.  The books my students are able to read are worth half a point. I have 13 students in my class and half are 'non-readers." My class has earned 935 AR points as of today.  That means my students have read or listened to over 1800 books!!  My students read so much I actually have to fuss at them for reading while I'm teaching.  I have had to threaten to turn off the computers so they cannot test for an entire day if they don't stop reading long enough for me to teach a whole lesson. The students who can read, have made more progress in fluency and comprehension this year than they ever had!  I hope this is a "problem" I continue to have!  I love that my kids are reading!


  1. What a wonderful problem to have! You are sure to have remarkable success with all of the exposure to text. I am proud when I hear stories such as yours. Congratulations on inspiring students to read!!! It is truly no small feat!
    Maybe you can turn it into a reward that they can earn free reading time when they show you their attention during lessons? Maybe a bring a pillow or stuffed animal on Friday to read with them during their free reading time?
    Bravo, Karla- build on the success- and welcome to the blogosphere!

  2. Thanks so much! Thanks for the wonderful suggestions!


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